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International Waters: LEARN

International Waters Learning Exchanges & Resource Network – Global Environmental Facility International Waters Project Management Manual

Shared by: Andrew Hudson, Technical Advisor, Bureau for Policy and Programming Support, UNDP New York

The Global Environmental Facility (GEF) International Waters (IW) project IW: LEARN has developed a “Project Management Manual” as a reference to guide the management of GEF IW projects. The guide has been developed with the goal to address demands from a wide range of potential end-users, but in particular, the managers of GEF IW projects.

This manual contains a checklist to consider at every stage from inception to project closure, and provides guidance to topics, such as governance, stakeholder engagement, communications, monitoring & evaluation and financial considerations.

This guide is divided into four main parts:

Part 1: The GEF IW Project Philosophy. This provides the ‘new’ Project Manager or Project Coordination Unit staff member with a basic overview of what they need to know to ensure a satisfactory GEF IW project outcome.

Part 2: Check-list of actions. This contains a list of the key actions that are required in the main phases of a GEF IW project.

Part 3: GEF IW Project Management Topics. Key topics of specific relevance to GEF IW projects are addressed in more detail with information derived from practical project experiences.

Part 4: IW Project Management Case Studies. This section provides practical GEF IW project case studies related to project management aspects.

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