Shared by: Gilles Sassine
In Haiti, companies struggle to compete for large internationally funded projects due to local project implementation barriers to the detriment of local actors and funders alike: local companies lack ... Read More
Shared by: Sunil Kumar Pariyar
The Dalits are a discriminated group under Nepal’s caste system, and are deprived of economic, political and social opportunities. As a consequence, the Dalits lack health, natural resources, food ... Read More
Shared by: Caroline Nyakeri
Agriculture is the main economic activity in Cherangany, Kenya, however recent developments, such as land degradation and climate change have negatively impacted crop production. As a result, the ... Read More
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Bangladesh has significantly reduced poverty since 1990, with its poverty headcount ratio declining from 56.7% in 1991 to 31.5% in 2010. It is notable that from 2005 to 2010 there was a significant ... Read More

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