The China-Malawi-UNDP Cooperation Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Project

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China, Malawi and UNDP collaborated on a project to strengthen disaster management and risk reduction for poor and vulnerable communities in Malawi. In particular, the project focused on Malawi’s 15 identified disaster-prone districts, specifically to reduce social, environmental and economic losses resulting from natural disasters and especially flooding.

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Malawi is prone to climate-related disasters, especially droughts and floods, which have a considerable effect on the vulnerable population of the country. Over the last 3 years, between 1 and 2 million people have been food deficient in different parts in Malawi, despite a nationally produced food surplus. These affected areas observed localized droughts or floods during critical stages of crop (mainly rain-fed maize) growth, and hence crop (maize) production was affected, impacting vulnerable population particularly hard. Humanitarian and development efforts have been undertaken, however the problem seems to occur on a yearly basis.

The Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) in Malawi, with support of UNDP through the Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Support Programme has conducted a Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Project with the aim of enhancing existing and/or to introduce these communities to technically feasible, locally available, and easily implementable environmentally and socially sustainable natural disaster management solutions.

The project initially conducted a community-based disaster risk reduction small grants scheme pilot. This project will assist the people of Malawi in the targeted areas by reducing the damage that usually occurs to their houses, crops and household property. The scheme enables communities to implement disaster risk reduction interventions which address disaster risks that they face in their areas.

Through the support programme 5 projects were implemented in Phalombe (2), Salima (1) and Karonga (2). The scheme is open to community-based organisations, civil protection committees and NGOs, and has enabled the department to assist communities to address problems they face due to disasters. Through Malawi-China-UNDP Cooperation in DRM, DoDMA would like to increase the number of projects to be implemented.


UNDP , Department of International Trade and Economic Affairs in the People’s Republic of China , Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Malawi

Department of Disaster Management Affairs in Malawi

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