Connecting Youth to Role Models, Resources, Skills and Economic Development in Rwanda

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YouthConnekt sees itself as a convener, both physically and virtually, and as a catalyst of partnerships that seek to unleash the enormous potential in young people of all walks of life. The platform gives Youth a seat at the table. It connects young people to role models, resources, knowledge and skills, internships and employment opportunities, enabling them to participate in shaping a better future for themselves, Rwanda and the World at large.

Quality Education , Gender Equality , Decent Work and Economic Growth , Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure , Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions , Partnerships for the Goals

In an increasingly globalized and digitalized world, young people are often the leading innovators. They therefore need to be equipped with the right skills and knowledge to take full advantage of the opportunities that their immediate environment offers for self-development and the advancement of their communities. Such opportunities often come disguised as challenges and it takes a positive attitude to transform them.

YouthConnekt is a platform that aims at creating peer-to-peer support amongst the youth and facilitating interactions between the youth and public, private, civil society and international organisations that work to promote youth's civic and socio-economic development.

The overall objective of YouthConnekt is to reduce unemployment among youth and promote active citizenship. It empowers the youth through Job creation, ICT innovations, Skills development, and Citizen Engagement. The YouthConnekt platform enables young women and men aged between 16-30 to connect with leaders, role models, peers, skills and resources to promote employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

YouthConnekt enables youth to participate in shaping a better future for themselves, Rwanda and the World at large.

Goals of YouthConnekt:
(i)    10 million jobs by 2020 in sustainable job environments in emerging industries
(ii)    25,000,000 opportunities through training & enrolment in workplaces
(iii)    Identify, nurture & grow 1 million leaders that provide solutions, participate in advocacy & become role models in their communities
(iv)    Develop sustainable initiatives & policies that reduce gender parity in education, jobs, technology & leadership
(v)    Connect every school in Africa & nurture digital ambassadors to transfer skills to their local communities. Form a Hub of Hubs that connects all incubation hubs across the continent.


UNDP , Ministry of Youth and ICT in Rwanda

UNDP , Ministry of Youth and ICT in Rwanda

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