Customer Thermometer

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This project aims to improve relations between the UNDP and its customers (UN agencies, staff, etc), by creating a real-time user-experience feedback tool. The country office’s various departments (ICT, senior management, etc) will work together and engage with users for quality control.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure , Partnerships for the Goals

Current organizational cultural evaluation mechanisms are ineffective:
• Frequency of collection, which takes place several months after delivery of service
• Questions are often generic, not targeting the service immediately rendered
• Lag between the proposed solutions and the problem identified
• Low response rate

This can affect mobilization of resources, image, transparency, efficiency, as well as quality of services rendered can also be affected.

The project proposes the ‘Customer Thermometer’ to streamline feedback process in real-time and introduce a star-rating system integrated into the email. In a single click, within an email, customers can provide feedback on their user experience.

The tool will be fully integrated and compatible with the currently used tool (Outlook) with graphical and user-friendly interfaces, powerful analytics and alerts platform to track real time feedback. This first line survey will help to better orient and fine-tune annual satisfactory survey.

Expected results (financial and technical):
1. Improve organizational culture
2. Improve operational efficiency
3. Reinforce accountability and transparency toward customers
4. Provide alternative to currently-used traditional survey
5. Simplified and user-friendly feedback loops

The project will engage with technical experts (Email Service HQ and ICT team) for system configuration and local support and training. Customers (UN agencies, staff, etc) will be engaged with for quality control.

In the second phase of the project, Senior Management and the Regional Innovation Advisor will conduct awareness raising and dialogues with other African countries.




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