Institutional Effectiveness

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The project’s main objective is to support Uganda’s transformation through Institutional development, transparency and accountability.

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

The Government has stepped up its efforts to address corruption in the public sector as a result of increasing public pressure. There has been public demands for improved service delivery, and restructuring of government institutions to remove duplication, wastage, and improve efficiency.

The programme aims at enhancing government effectiveness through capacity building for institutional development, transparency and accountability in order to deliver on commitments to anti-corruption conventions. Through Leadership development the programme is supporting accountability and public sector management institutions to strengthen negotiation, standardization, integrity, oversight, transparency, and accountability particularly in the extractives and infrastructure sectors.
The programme worked with the Inspectorate of Government (IG) to implement the Leadership Code Act through the establishment of the Online System for Declaration of Assets and Liabilities by Political Leaders and Public Servants. The System helped increase the percentage of leaders declaring their assets – which increased compliance from below 70% to 90%. This is a big step towards promoting transparency among public officials. In addition, the Asset Recovery Unit of Inspectorate of Government was strengthened resulting in the extraction of court orders (recoveries) worth over one billion Uganda shillings.
In the framework of the programme, the Inspectorate of Government was supported to benchmark with Rwanda's Ombudsman's online systems to inform improvements in Uganda's Inspectorate of Government Online Declaration System for Income, Assets and Liabilities of Public Officials. The Ugandan team also shared Uganda's experience and the visit facilitated the creation of a platform for continuous sharing between the Ombudsman Office of Rwanda and the Inspectorate of Government in Uganda regarding updating and enhancing security of the Online Systems. The lessons have informed ongoing strengthening of the Inspectorate of Government system especially inter-agency coordination in the management of declarations and verification of incomes, assets and liabilities of public officials. The Inspectorate has thereafter developed a Leader Support System (LSS) that will facilitate self registration and improve compliance to over 95% in the 2019 declarations.
The Inspectorate of Government, in partnership with Ministry of Information and Communications Technology has started processes to integrate Online Declaration System to other government systems including the Uganda Revenue Authority data base, mobile telephones simcard regisration, Land registrarion at Ministry of Lands, among others.

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