Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building for Environmental Protection and Management

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To minimise the impact of climate change, Sierra Leone conducted the national wide programme for sustainable management and protection of forest reserve and catchment areas including, mangrove coastal and inland wetlands.

Climate Action , Life on Land

Sierra Leone, blessed with its luxuriant forests, high rainfall and well-drained landscape is negatively impacted by climate change. The erratic behavior of the weather, flash floods, severe storms, scarcity of fresh water, higher evaporation in the dry season, frequent prolonged and wide spread draught, have suggested that major climate changes are occurring.

In order to address the effects of climate change, Sierra Leone established an institutional strengthening and capacity building for environmental protection and management project, as well as a mitigation and adaptation efforts to climate change project. 

In order to implement the environmental projects, a national secretariat for climate change was established. The project improved forest protection and catchment areas, including mangrove, coastal and inland wetlands. In addition, forest governance was improved to maintain the proportion of land area covered by forests at least 3.4 million hectares through the development of legislation, regulations and by-laws for environmental protection, including control of deforestation, firewood collection and charcoal production. In addition, the project improved capacity building, training and support to law enforcement services, as well as the Ministry of Agriculture (Forestry Department). The project also provided support for the development of a national assessment on forest resources. The project also established a protection network to delineate and restore the vulnerable habitats and ecosystems in the western area.

Sierra Leone

National Secretariat for Climate Change in Sierra Leone , Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security in Sierra Leone


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