Live Lebanon - Platform Connecting Lebanese Diaspora with Local Communities in Need

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Live Lebanon reaches out to the immense Lebanese diaspora worldwide and gives them the opportunity to support the people in their homeland that are in need with important community based initiatives. Their support, whether its through funds or contributing time, makes it possible for Live Lebanon to make a difference on serious health, environmental, and educational issues. The contributions are made through Live Lebanon crowdfunding website: and mobile app. Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept in the Middle East and Live Lebanon was one of the first initiatives to introduce it to Lebanon.

Reduced Inequalities , Sustainable Cities and Communities

The LiveLebanon crowdfunding project aims to eliminate regional disparities as well as strengthen the link between Lebanese nationals, the private sector and local development initiatives.

Live Lebanon is a UNDP initiative under the social and local development portfolio that operates as a neutral channel through which Lebanese citizens, members of the private sector and expatriates can provide direct support to the development of Lebanon's underprivileged communities.  Live Lebanon launches a call for proposal on a regular basis with the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities where by municipalities and NGOs submit their projects. Out of the thousands of projects submitted, the Live Lebanon team selects several based on the following criteria: need, feasibility, targeted beneficiaries and sustainability.

In terms of how it benefits its stakeholders, the Live Lebanon project focuses on empowering women by providing equipment, training, capacity building, venues and markets for women cooperative. The project also supports farmers by building irrigation canals, providing electricity, capacity building, training and markets for their produces. In addition, the youth are supported by creating a safe environment through schools and playgrounds. The elderly are supported as well through recreational centres.

The Live Lebanon team works with local municipalities, including Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, as well as Ministry of Water and Energy. The team also conducts awareness raising campaigns for the public, namely the most recent one was a campaign for better roads, specifically to fix 3000 potholes and in turn decrease the number of road accidents.

To date, Live Lebanon has implemented 55 successful projects raising more than USD2.5 million.  The Live Lebanon team shared its experience with other UNDP country offices during the Crowdfunding Academy held in 2015 in Turkey.




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