SDG Private Sector Mobilization _ Labour Market System

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The UNDP Benin Country Office aims to mobilise the private sector and set up a Labour Market Information System to improve access to information for young job-seekers, and to provide the basis for effective, targeted job creation policies.

Zero Hunger , Decent Work and Economic Growth , Reduced Inequalities , Partnerships for the Goals

Youth unemployment rates are increasing in Benin, from 50% in 2011 to close to 70% in 2013. The challenge is compounded by a weak market information system, inefficient public action, weak synergy between stakeholders, and the younger population’s gaps in training and preference for salaried jobs.

By creating partnerships with the private sector, the Benin country office aims to mobilise private resources and collaborate with the government and other stakeholders to achieve the SDGs.

A Labour Market Information System would provide timely and reliable data to help inform decisions relating to employment, such as the skills and training of the youth population.

Expected results include:
• Signed engagement with private sector
• Benin government designs and implements evidence-informed policies
• USD8 million mobilised over four years
• An efficient Labour Market Information System used by more than 2 million people
• Well-designed and funded project implemented
• Using resources mobilised, 11 000 youth and women will benefit from an Agricultural Entrepreneurship Program.
• The increase in the productivity of major crops, access to market and increase in revenue will improve food security for
the most vulnerable populations.

The National Employment Agency is implementing the Labour System Market, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries is implementing the Youth Entrepreneurship Project.

Tripartite partnerships would be forged between the government of Benin, the UNDP country office, and a private sector entity (e.g. bank, mobile technology entreprises, IFIs, etc.)


UNDP Benin TRAC Resources , Administrator CIF Funds , Indian Government , Benin Government through a cost sharing Agreement

The National Employment Agency , The Ministry of Agriculture , Livestock and Fisheries

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