Strengthening Governance for Nutrition

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Guatemala has improved governance for food security and child nutrition within the framework of the Guatemala Zero Hunger Plan through the exchange and adaptation of experiences from Chile.

Zero Hunger , Partnerships for the Goals , End malnutrition, especially in children, women, elders , Safety nets for food security and nutrition

Guatemala suffers from high food insecurity and chronic malnutrition. The local government and community leaders need support to integrate food security needs at the local level.

In 2013 and 2014, Chile partnered with the World Food Programme (WFP) to create the "Strengthening Governance for Nutrition Initiative", specifically to assist Guatemala with the issue of food insecurity. This initiative supports the implementation of the Guatemala Zero Hunger Plan and generates participatory mechanisms at the community and local levels to improve child nutrition. In addition, the Food Security and Nutrition Secretariat (SESAN) developed a local governance strategy to support this initiative. The local governance strategy has been extended to 42 municipalities with the aim to expand the initiative to 83 municipalities that have been targeted by the national strategy to prevent stunting.  In addition to WFP and UNICEF, other partners have joined this effort, including AECID, AACID, Caritas and Medicos Mundi and a UN joint programme.


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