Strengthening Haitian-led development through knowledge exchanges and learning

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The Konbit platform is a living and breathing tool to promote constructive and creative learning opportunities and exchange of ideas to assist in the building of a truly Haitian-led development pathway. By providing access to markets, networks, and information - this platform supports Konbit achieving its goal. By bringing together experts to address, discuss, and solve relevant development issues, we Haitian stakeholders can directly participate in and influence our country’s development.

Gender Equality , Ensure women’s participation, equal leadership opportunities , Ensure women’s equal rights to resources, inheritance , Enhance technology to promote women’s empowerment , Decent Work and Economic Growth , Promote diversification, technological upgrading and innovation , Promote job-creation, entrepreneurial policies , Strengthen capacity to expand banking access , Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure , Increase small-scale industrial enterprise access to financial services , Support technology development, research in developing countries , Increase access to information and communications technology , Reduced Inequalities , Empower, promote the inclusion of all , Ensure equal opportunity and reduce inequalities , Ensure developing country representation in global decision-making , Partnerships for the Goals , Strengthen domestic resource mobilization , Promote learning on environmentally sound technologies , Operationalize mechanism on technology, innovation, capacity-building , Build capacity to support national plans , Encourage, promote public, private, civil society partnerships , Support increase of high-quality, timely data

Konbit is a network, physical and virtual, that aims to tackle three problems:

Access to Networks
Companies, organizations, and individuals working in Haiti have always been faced with the challenge of finding potential partners or service providers due to lack of centralized networks.

Access to Markets
It is very difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to access markets in Haiti, especially when looking for them from abroad or outside of the major cities. There is no centralized pool of information where one can find or post a request for proposals, large or small, pertaining to services or products in Haiti.

Access to Information
Research of valuable information is a major obstacle for businesses, students, or any interested party. There is a lot of research being done, but it usually ends up on a shelf and is never made available to the general public. Researchers are therefore undervalued, and the effort is not attractive to potential data collectors and analysts. Access to training material, procedures, best practices, and lessons learned is non-existent.

The physical Konbit network aims to address these issues through a series of conferences (information and market research) and events (networking) to physically bring people together in order to address the problems mentioned above.
The virtual Konbit network ( aims to do the same thing, only without the burden of geographical boundaries. More specifically, it is an online platform built as a social network. This creates an environment where the uploading of data and information can grow with the community reached by the Konbit team.

The final outcome of this endeavor is that a community can be developed based on one primordial principal: Data-Based Decision Making.



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