Using Innovation and Human-Centered Design Approaches to Promote Civic Engagement in Sudan

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“Raik Shino” is an online gamified dialogue platform that enables the Sudanese public with a forum to creatively interact and discuss the future of Sudan. The idea was developed by the Joint Conflict Reduction Programme (JCRP)/UNDP Sudan in collaboration with a game developing company, Serious Games Interactive. Raik Shino was launched in September 2015 and has since run 6 challenges addressing different themes including on the future of peacebuilding in Sudan, employment creation in Darfur and arts for peace in the Horn of Africa. The initiative was chosen as one amongst four winning proposals for the cross-regional UNDP Technology for Citizen Engagement Challenge in April 2015, and is currently under development.

Decent Work and Economic Growth , Substantially reduce youth unemployment , Partnerships for the Goals , Operationalize mechanism on technology, innovation, capacity-building

One of the challenges featured on Raik Shino was the “Citizen Engagement for Innovative Solutions for Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship in Darfur” held in November 2015. The challenge addressed the issue of youth employment in Darfur, which is increasingly recognized as a driver of instability as employment opportunities are scarce and many choose to enter into conflict due to lack of opportunities. Through the challenge, UNDP engaged unemployed youth to identify new and innovative solutions to local employment issues and realize their entrepreneurship.

Raik Shino engages citizens across Sudan to interact and discuss the future of their country. For this specific challenge, the main stakeholders were Sudanese youth, in particular youth from Darfur, who were encouraged to take part in dialogue processes around development issues.    

In order to reach the youth, UNDP engaged three Darfur universities (in El Fasher, Geneina, and Nyala) as well as some 100 youth volunteers from UNDP’s Youth Volunteers Rebuilding Darfur Project who promoted the challenge and ensured that also offline contributions were considered. A number of offline events were organized in Darfur where the Raik Shino platform was introduced and discussions were held on the challenge. Those who could not access Raik Shino were encouraged to submit offline solutions through the youth volunteers.




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