Strengthening Environmental Governance in Moldova through Community-participation and E-learning

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The Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA) improved participatory approaches to community-based environmental management and governance. In particular, MEGA developed MEGA Game, which is a map-based project management and collaboration platform to help environmental organizations realize successful environmental projects within a global community. Through this initiative, MEGA was able to harness the power of gamification, specifically to spur interest and engagement regarding environmental issues. MEGA successfully connected 17 environmental NGOs in Moldova and actively engaged volunteers from diverse organizations. Through collaborative data gathering, research, awareness-raising, and on-site environmental action in three regions, these volunteers improved water management and biodiversity conservation in their communities. Through the MEGA Game, the organization also engaged the public to be involved in climate change mitigation activities, such as forest planting. This activity won the “ClimateLaunchpad” and the “Ideas4Change” awards.

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The protection of natural resources and environmental management in Moldova is challenging. The country’s biodiversity is currently being threatened by climate change and over-exploitation. Moldova’s forest biodiversity is increasingly threatened due to forest management activities and pollution. In addition to the decline in forest biodiversity, there is also a decline in available food sources, which is adversely affecting larger species, such as eagles and falcons.

In order to address this challenge, the MEGA project uses a collaborative, motivational, and cost-efficient approach through a gamification platform, “MEGA Game: The Game with Impact.” Through the platform, the MEGA team fosters engagement and strengthens community-based environmental management and governance. In engaging various local authorities from different regions and assessing their awareness on environmental issues, the platform then captures their proposals to address the environmental issues.

The project improved participatory approaches and mechanisms in terms of community-based environmental management and governance by connecting various stakeholders and encouraging proactive dialogue.  Through gamification and crowdsourcing of environmental data, civil society actors improved their understanding of environmental issues in their communities.

Additionally, MEGA Game provides users with an innovative, accessible, and user-friendly platform to create goals to address environmental issues relating to Sustainable Development Goals 13, 14 and 15. The platform provides online training and courses, assigns rewards, receives and manages goal reporting, provides feedback to stakeholders.


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Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy MEGA

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